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I wish that I knew what I know now...

hey gang! so yesterday I made a quick Instagram post sharing my festival submission sheet with the world! I did so as recently I've been asked back into my college to give a presentation on d'dave and his 'festival success' but thought it was also important the students know just how many festivals he didn't make it into!

anyway, I was shocked by the number of people that got in touch to tell me they found it useful or to let me know I'm not the only one to face so many rejections! with that in mind, I thought I might as well share the rest of my PowerPoint with you all in case there's anything else in there someone might find useful!

even though it's only been a year, I'm chuffed to be going back to Carmel to give this presentation. not to get too cheesy, like, but it was the first school I genuinely enjoyed and they've been super supportive over the years.

anyways, that's all from me! back to the classroom i guess

Carmel Compressed
Download PDF • 10.37MB

ta ra,

georgia x

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