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divination dave: the story so far

back in June I set out on my third stop motion venture, divination dave, a mystical, somewhat cautionary tale about reaching accidental enlightenment. currently in its production phase, i'm in the process of getting detailed with things (detailed as in individually sewing in 1000s of leg hairs, but yeah, that's a topic for another time). so for those I haven't bored enough already, I've put together a little gallery of highlights from the past few months. As per, have a click for more info and I'll just preface this by saying what follows is a mess of modelling clay, man boobs and mouldy potatoes. enjoy x

there's probably loads more I'm forgetting but I think that's enough waffle for now. there's still much to do and the journey will no doubt be a long one but I hope you'll stick with me and I can't wait to share it with you all

till then, much love

georgia x

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