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eek, so it's been a while since the last update, apologies! As you've probably gathered dave's been a busy boy doing rounds and making appearances here and there, so I thought I'd write this post to update you on his ventures so far with fingers firmly crossed for many more in the future! to begin, however, I'd like to thank everyone that came along to these screenings (whether online or in-person) & showed support. our first at liverpool film & food festival was so special not only in getting to experience dave for the first time on the big screen but because of the friends, family & strangers that braved the cold to watch him with me, so truly, thank you!

more recently, though, dave's been making international moves as he's featured in stop motion montreal's 'twisted, naked & terrifying' programme (three words that sum him up perfectly!) alongside so many other wonderful shorts! he even went on to represent the programme at their outdoor screening in montreal which was such an honour being one of the few films selected!

overall, the festival's been a blast in connecting me with stop mo folk from all over the world (we truly are an international bunch!) and I'm so inspired because of it!

I was even lucky enough to feature in an episode of 'meet the filmmakers' with the lovely Marie over on stop motion Montreal's Facebook page where you can listen to me natter all things salt and watch dave get dissected below:

missed out? not to worry, you can find dave playing at these festivals in the coming weeks:

little wing film festival: september 21 - 26 (online & in-person), london

emerging filmmaker night: september 29 (online & in-person with live Q&A), london

that's all for now folks! I promise I'll be better at writing updates should dave be fortunate enough to feature at any more fests. In the meantime, though, take care and I hope to one day catch you at one!

much love,

georgia x

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