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severed hands, soapy screenings & super cool news!

we're only 2 months in and 2022 is already off with a bang... so much so I'm not even sure where to begin! tell you what- let's go in order... starting with a spooky severed hand adventure back in Jan! I won't delve into too much of the nitty-gritty here but it was my first time casting in alginate and working in silicone to top it all off! here's a quick before and after GIF but if you want to see more, head to the updated hand page on my site!

After that, it was off to LUSH, as I had the exciting news that dave had been chosen to screen at 'Cinema in the City' - a new cinematic experience by FACT that brings independent film to extraordinary places across Liverpool. It was super cool seeing dave ahead of Yngvild Sve Flikke's new comedy 'Ninjababy' (which btw is awesome in itself if you get the chance to watch!) and even more so to enjoy it with friends, family and the lovely people of Liverpool so big thanks if you came along!

I also had a very special delivery at the end of Jan as my lovely, shiny founders award arrived from the British Short Film Awards! As you can tell, Dave was very fond of it- which is now pride of place on my weird shit shelf!

Then in February, I'm super excited to say I've started a new role at Little Wing, where I'll be working part-time as a creative filmmaker! I can't wait to use this time to get started on my next project as well as get to know the talented cohort they've gathered from across the UK!

And now the big one... to top it off I've saved (arguably) the best for last... D'DAVE ONLY WENT AND WON BEST ANIMATION AT THE BFI FUTURE FILM!! GAHHH!! I know unbelievable right!? I'm so grateful and mindblown but yeah... I won't go into it since I'm not the most eloquent but I really do think the pictures speak for themselves (catch me holding back the tears!)

If you want to find out more I did an interview with The New Current you can check out here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled as there's certainly more to come in the world of dave... and some new friends I'm excited to introduce 😉

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