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pretty in pins (& a link to my store!)

Wow wow wow. So I’ve finally come to the end of my shoot! It's been a mad few weeks of non-stop-stop-mo and (rather terrifyingly) almost a full year since I first put pen to paper (for a catch-up of the entire production since June see my story compilation below...)

But before I delve into the next phase of tediously editing 1000s of frames, I thought it was about time for some celebration (stop motion milestones are few and far between) which is why I wanted to mark the occasion with... wait for it.... the release of my very own enamel pins!

Yes, for the past few weeks (with the help of the legendary Pin Head UK) I've been busy immortalising the one and only prophet potato in pin form so you yourself can get a taste of his starchy wisdom. These bad lads not only glitter, but glow in the dark too, making them the most stylish, albiet strange, conversation starter.

And what's more, each pin comes with it's own special fortune from the wise potato himself, invaluable advice that will no doubt enlighten! So if you're interested or just want to support me in my mad ventures you can find a link to the store below:

thanks again and much love,

georgia x

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