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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Ah! Its been a while! Apologies for the radio silence on here but to make up for it I've got a really juicy announcement coming right up… Back in June (when Dave was just a wee sketch) I applied to take part the 'New Creatives' programme - a talent development scheme supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts and delivered by Tyneside Cinema.

I’ll be honest, after months of waiting I didn’t think my mad pitch stood much of a chance but alas! I got the mind-blowing email letting me know the legends at New Creatives North would like to commission my little film! Surreal, right?!? If you don’t believe me (and trust me, I barely believe it myself!), here’s a link to my mug just to prove it:

Anyways, I’m so grateful (if not slightly dazed) that I made it this far! I’m not sure how much of Dave I’ll be able to share from this point on - gotta keep things business, y’know? - but I’ll try to post little updates every now and then. It’s going to be lots of hard work but, as usual, I hope you’ll stick with me to see it through. Who knows, maybe sometime soon Dave will make a cameo on the silver screen…

Nooo! Not your one, Dave, like an actual proper telly! But I’m getting ahead of myself - I’ve got to make the bugger first (eek, wish me luck!). Till then, stay mystical,

much love,

georgia x

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