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bfi luminous gala 2022

it's the most glamorous fundraising event in british film. once every two years the bfi roll out the red carpet for the rich, famous and.. dave?!!? yep, somehow me & the lad got a spec at the 2022 gala all thanks to future film fest & the cool promo we shot for the education appeal... (stick around till the end of the post if you wanna see that!)

it was a huge honour not only to be asked to interview... but invited to the event with some of the most important people in british film (sorry if you caught me gawking stephen fry)

the fact i had gurinder chadha film a clip for me, had to keep swapping my veggie meal with craig roberts and my name next to edgar wrights in the special thanks book will remain some of the most surreal moments of my life!

all in all, though it was nauseating to see my meaty mug on the big screen (especially after the gorgeous tilda swinton had just presented) i'm pleased to say dave fit right in and got lots of compliments on his black tie!

while i'm certainly not as good in front of the camera- you can watch an extended cut of the appeal below (all creds to gerry fox for filming and putting up with my cats constant interruptions)

till next time, big love from the spare bedroom,

georgia x

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