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iplayer release, screenskills traineeship, festival fun & more!

it's finally time boys! dave has made his iplayer debut! he's settled in rather nicely to his new home and for the next 3 months will be available for your viewing pleasure on BBC arts... go check him out!!

but just because he's settled in doesn't mean dave isn't (or hasn't!) been making moves elsewhere! In terms of fests he's only gone and nabbed the founder's award at the british short film awards as well as the young, emerging and student award at sunderland shorts!

and we've more good news as 2022 brings more fests you can catch d dave at:

and to top off the update, in some rather exciting personal news I've just been accepted onto screenskills first trainee finder programme for animators and will hopefully be making moves in a proper professional studio soon! so long spare room!

phew, glad to get all those out! that's all for now folks! stay tuned for hopefully much more excitement in the new year

much love as always,


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